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Thursday, October 16, 2008

About Us & Board

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About Grow And Share

Grow And Share is a non-profit fighting hunger from the ground up™ through gardening education, garden and community building. We work to grow interest in gardening for home use, and grow interest–and passion–in creation of Shared Gardens(TM) and Community Gardens in neighborhoods throughout the US.

We believe that US residents can feed themselves and those around them; they all will benefit from the sharing. What we have to gain is full American tummies, smaller carbon footprints, safer local food, self reliant homes, pride, stronger communities, healthier bodies, and better quality of life!

Combating hunger throughout the US is critical during these economic times, and crucial to our future food supply. We are here to encourage US residents to take the time to:

  • grow some of their own healthy food
  • become more self reliant
  • share their harvest with their community
  • fight hunger by shared food reaching those who need it

We help with supplies to allow more gardeners to bring their gardens to life.  We help them to make a difference in their communities.  We educate children and adults in the community and assist them as they make changes, grow, and share. The gardeners, their families, and those in need eat healthy fresh foods.

While Grow And Share is not a faith-based organization, one of the sayings — the garden’s edge — we use comes from Leviticus 19:9 and 10. To paraphrase those Bible verses, when we reap the harvest of our land we shall not reap our field right up to its edge, neither shall we gather the gleanings after our harvest. We shall leave them [the edges and extras] for the poor and for the sojourner.

To join us as a gardener, volunteer, donor, or sponsor,  email.

Our Mission:   Change US food availability from the ground up through education, widespread gardening, and food distribution assistance, allowing all of us to combat hunger in America together.

We are a non-profit corporation. Our incorporation state is North Carolina.

Grow And Share is operating as a 501(c)(3).

You can keep up with Grow And Share via this site. Facebook or is updated most frequently of all our online media. You may also find us at:

We hope you will join us from the sites most convenient to you. Thank you for your interest!

Board Of Directors

Mitch Amiano, Director

Mitch is an independent consultant and president of Agile Markup Corporation, a company headquartered in Rolesville, NC. Agile Markup Corporation helps repair existing Web-based IT infrastructure and incorporate new content-driven application technologies. Clients include small businesses, universities, and manufacturers.

Mitch holds a Bachelors Degree in Mathematics from North Carolina State University. He is also a published IT author and conference speaker, and organizes the Raleigh-Durham Web Design Meetup. With his wife and son, Mitch lives in Rolesville, the smallest and (after the City of Raleigh) oldest village in Wake County, and serves on the Rolesville NC Parks and Recreation Advisory Board. In 2005 he served as chair of the board when the town undertook the PARTF grant funded Main Street Park project, a 37 acre passive facility with extensive trails located in the center of the town. An avid practitioner of edible landscaping, Mitch also grows chestnuts, hazlenuts, blueberries, and figs. His vision is to see permaculture practices and community gardening adopted as a facet of local open space and greenway trail planning.

Kim Beaver, Treasurer

Ms. Beaver has years of accounting experience, including managing multiple company accounts. Her experience includes working with non-profit agencies aimed at helping women and children in need. She is expert at managing paperwork and keeping donations and expenses organized. In addition to serving on our board, she provides accounting and money management assistance, and volunteer coordination assistance. She also volunteers at fundraisers and serves as a gardening advisor, having several decades of family garden knowledge to share.

Frank Whatley, Past Director
Mr. Whatley is co-founder, volunteer, past director, and serving again in 2013. He has 30+ years of sales experience in the automotive and media fields. Frank provides support for Grow And Share’s growing efforts and events. Frank passed away in 2015 from cancer treatment complications.

Kay Whatley, Past Creative Director
Mrs. Whatley brings to Grow And Share twelve years of business management experience. In addition to her experience with day-to-day operations of a corporation, she has decades of family gardening experience. Her duties include assisting with fundraising activities, managing volunteers, greenhouse and plant management, and assisting in food distribution channel management. Wife of Frank, Kay served the organization through 2015 when she stepped aside to spend time with her family.

Annette Dorman, Director
I am Annette Dorman. I was born in Raleigh, grew up in Lizard Lick and currently live in Johnston County. So I am a Southern girl as one can get. My grandparents were farmers in Franklin and Johnston counties.

I attended what is now East Wake and went to college at ECU and majored in biology. That didn’t work out so well so I took off a year to work in the real world. The real world taught me to get back into school. I attended what is now Central Carolina Community College and majored in Veterinary Medical Technology. I received my Associate in Applied Science in Veterinary Medical Technology in 1981. I worked 7 years as a registered veterinary technician (animal nurse RN equivalent).

For the past 20 plus years I have worked in the insurance business. No nights, no weekends, no biting or bleeding in the area of insurance I work in now.

I am a cancer survivor. After 3 years of sitting on my bum after cancer treatment, I realized that I was given a second chance and I needed to do something to get me active. So, I decided to learn about growing plants. I am late bloomer, pardon the pun. I met some people and then met other people through the first people. I helped 3 different farmers who grew 3 different types of plants in 3 separate years. I guess it was interning type thing. The first farmer grew garlic and cut flowers, the 2nd grew bedding plants and lavender and the 3rd grew bedding plants and herbs. And I found that I absolutely loved it. After 3 years of helping the farmers; I felt the need to grow my own plants. I started out with a small crawl in cold frame. Now have a 10 x 12 greenhouse. I grow my plants organically. I lose track of all time when I am in the greenhouse or working in my yard. I even have a lot of plants at my beige cubicle at my full time insurance job.

Through the first farmer I worked with took me to Carolina Farm Stewardship Association conference. I was amazed as to what was going on in NC in the farming community. I wanted to be a part of that community. I now volunteer at the farm tours and have been doing that for many years. I learn something new each year.

I have been to several events at the Center for Environmental Farming Systems (CEFS) farm in Goldsboro.

I read about Grow and Share in the newspaper. I had grown plants the year before and had too many and they had to go into the compost. I grew plants for friends and family but still had too many. Then I read the article. I thought I could grow plants for Grow and Share. I contacted Kay and we have been together ever since. I contacted her the year after she started Grow and Share. I think it has been 4 years. I taught some classes and have helped out in the greenhouse when I could. I have family health issues I have to handle sometimes. This year, Kay allowed me to organize the first plant giveaway at the Wendell Farmers Market. I think it went quite well. I was pleased and we had a lot of people come to get plants. I also got to go to the Dig In event at Marbles Children’s Museum this year and met some very very interesting people. It was an awesome event.

I am a vendor at the Wendell Farmers Market. This is my second year there. This year we opened earlier and I could sell vegetable , herbs and flowers. I also sell recycled pet food bags made into tote bags.

I have seen firsthand of the good Grow and Share does. Just a couple of weeks ago, I saw a garden a family has planted in a low income housing section of Wendell. They had never gardened before. They come to me at the farmers market to ask questions. I have been to their place a couple of times to deliver the plants cause they have no car and walk to the market. I suggested where the best place would be to plant. A couple of weeks ago, the mother asked me to drop by cause she had some questions. Its on my way home and I said sure. I was amazed at what I saw. They planted where I suggested and the plants were thriving The squash had blossoms and the tomato plants was 18 inches tall. I went by there this week with a tomato cage for the tomatoes and Black Kow for fertilizer.

Kristi Gorski, Director
Kristi Gorski is an independent Mary Kay Image Consultant, mother of 2 and wife, currently residing in Wake Forest, North Carolina.

Growing up in Brooklyn, NY, she was no stranger to concrete but their last house in that city had a great side yard, with a good climbing tree and a weeping willow that was fun to play under.

When the family moved to NJ, Kristi’s Mom threw some roses and peonies in an arid piece of clay next to the garage and staked out a portion of the back yard for a small garden.  It was there that Kristi’s love of gardening began.

As a young nomadic woman attending college, working corporate jobs and moving frequently throughout the country, Kristi managed to plant a rose and a tomato at one townhouse in Ohio but otherwise her green thumb lent itself to house plants (and they always took every one of them, when they moved).  When the family moved to the Triangle area in 1996, Kristi saw opportunity for year-round gardening but had to figure out the seasons, as they were much different that up North or in the MidWest!

Kristi and her husband brought teens to volunteer at a former coal mining town in Kentucky, she and her daughter have transported and fed migrant workers (in NC) and she is a past member of The Woman’s Club of Raleigh.  Kristi volunteers at Boy Scout Troop 500 and is a committee member of Heritage Middle School PTA and Wake Forest High School PTSA, as well as a member of the leadership team of Women in Networking’s Wake Forest Chapter.  She recently became a founding member of The Grain Mill Cooperative in Wake Forest, NC.  Kristi has long been a sharer and grows items in her garden that she doesn’t even eat – just so she can give them away.

Kristi believes education, the right tools and encouragement are key to lifting people out of poverty.  Being able to grow their own inexpensive and healthy food source gives people a sense of accomplishment, saves money and can provide some of the tools for healthy eating.

Kristi hopes that as a Board member she can help Grow and Share enlarge their volunteer base and create more learning opportunities.

Connie Schultz, Director
Information coming soon.

Lynda Grissinger, Director
Information coming soon.

Linda Gaskins, Ambassador/Greenhouse Manager
Information coming soon.