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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Raleigh Giveaway

Author: admin

This morning — Sunday morning — we began loading early for the Garden Plant Giveaway in Raleigh.¬† By 10:35am were on our way to Raleigh!¬† The plants, more than 2,000 of them, rode safely in our vehicles and trailer.

(And thank you to the WRAL morning team for mentioning our giveaways Sunday morning.)

A group from New Hope Baptist Church met us in their parking lot and helped us unload, sort, set up our tables, post our signs, and otherwise “get ready”.

Reverend Layton and his team helping us unload all the vehicles

Reverend Layton and his team helping us unload all the vehicles

Before long, moments after we completed setup, gardeners arrived to get their plants to grow and share. 

Volunteers at the Pledge table

Volunteers at the Pledge table

Volunteers AJ B., John B., Kristi an Brogan B., Kristi and Dan Gorski, joined the Whatleys in guiding gardeners. 

Larger pots waiting to be selected

Larger pots waiting to be selected

The gardeners signed pledges, selected their dozen-or-so plants, talked with us about the plant varieties, and turned in their completed forms as they left.  Many said they would be planting their gardens today! 

Part of the crowd

Part of the crowd

And as quickly as it had started, it was over!  For the first time at one of our Garden Plant Giveaways, we gave away every single plant!  Even a few sad ones hidden in a corner disappeared!  The large group of gardeners had selected each and every one and taken themhome!  All we had left was a large stack of signed Pledge To Share forms!

More of the crowd

More of the crowd

It was a whirlwind.¬† When we caught our breath and looked at the clock, it was only about a quarter past 1pm!¬† We’re pleased that so many gardeners opened their hearts to grow and share, and that the Raleigh giveaway was so big. For the gardeners who arrived after the plants were gone, we appreciate your coming out, and invite you to come to our greenhouse for some of our remaining plants.¬† Thank you for being ready to grow and share; let us know if you’d like to pick up some here.


As an aside, because the peppers had grown so slowly through March, we had¬†done additional seed planting in April, and those peppers — along with some tomatoes — will be available at the end of May for our pledged gardeners.

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